A Process 2.0 @ Krakow Photomonth 2016

I’m really happy and honored that a photo from my most recent and ongoing project is part of “A Process 2.0” at Krakow Photomonth!

“After an open call for entries*, the artistic directors of DER GREIF made a preselection of 260 photographs. These artworks constitute the basis for the entire exhibition.

The exhibition opens with a grid hanging of all pre-selected photographs. The performance begins with a further selection process where photographs are moved from the wall to tables. As a result, possible re-groupings and combinations are found. These combinations are visible both in the gallery and on the exhibition’s website. Following on from this, the wall grid diminishes constantly, whereas the previously empty tables are filled. The tables are the evidence of the finding and re-contextualization process, as identical pictures are set into different combinations…..



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